Friday, December 31, 2010

DangerSounds Beatport debut!!!!

Hello all, I am pleased to announce the release of our "Feel That Thing" EP is January 13th on Here are the tracks that will be on this release, be sure to grab this, the remixes are awesome!!!

DangerSounds - Feel That Thing EP by PinkFlameMusic

Friday, December 3, 2010

Finished track "Feel That Thing"

Hello everyone.  Im excited to announce, our track "Feel That Thing" will be released on Beatport laster this month through Pink Flame Music.  The release will feature our original track, and 4 other re-mixes done by electronic artists around the world. Be sure to stay tuned for the release date! Here is the final version, on our soundcloud!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

November 2nd with Space Life and Voluptuaries

Hey everyone, just stopping in to tell you about our next show. We are playing at Church in Boston on Nov. 2nd with our good friends The Voluptuaries and our new friends.... SPACE LIFE!

This is going to be a hot modern mix of electronic/dance music that you won't wanna miss.  Check out the facebook event page HERE

Voluptuaries - 9pm
DangerSounds - 10pm
Space Life - 11pm

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

About Us

Hello everyone, I have decided to write a short blurb about DangerSounds with info you might want to know.  My name is David D'Amico (AKA SirDavid Anthony D'Amico).  I have been playing drums ever since i was 10 years old and attended Berklee College of Music in Boston for college.

Here i met Samuel P.K. Smith (AKA Samuel P.K. Lighting), and we decided to start a project together making music.  Sam works on most of the synths and vocals, where as I focus on the drums and mixing.  After a short time, we had a few tracks that were gaining interest in the electronic/dance area.  We then finished 5 songs and released the EP all over the internet, including iTunes.  We gain influence from acts like deadmau5, Daft Punk, The Presets, The Killers, and even Muse.  Many poeple say our sound resembles 80's dance music that is produced for today's liking.  Blogger Zach Siegal-Eisman referred to us as "retro-futuristic" (

Today, we are writing and producing tracks like its our job, setting up and playing a bunch of shows all over the Boston area, and looking to enlarge our fan base greatly. We are also providing remix packs to DJ's and interested electronic folk, to help get our sound out.  I hope you have some time to sit back and enjoy one of our tracks so you can see what we are all about.  Here are some links to check out: